Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lose the clutter.

Respecting your money also means respecting your stuff.

Ever gone looking for something and not been able to find it because of all the clutter? You know it’s “around here somewhere”. Maybe it’s in one of those totes in the garage. Maybe it’s in the basement or the attic. Maybe it’s in the black hole that used to be your closet. You can’t possibly go through all that stuff. So you have no choice but to go buy a new one.

What is the point of having it if you can’t find it?

When have less clutter you can make better use of what you do have, and that saves money. If you are working on a project you can easily see exactly what you have and what you need. You don’t have to go searching, give up, and then go buy something you know you already own. You don’t buy something thinking you need it, only to get home and find out you already have two of them.

About two years ago the clutter was getting out of hand around here so I started a de-cluttering project. I found so many things that were on my shopping list. Things I didn’t even know I had. For example, I thought we needed shampoo, but while de-cluttering under the bathroom sink I found a brand new bottle I didn’t know was there.

If you need help with the clutter in your life I highly recommend FlyLady. She has a great program that is 100% free.

While you are de-cluttering you will probably find all kinds of things you can sell. Take the time to have a yard sale or list that stuff online. I bet you earn a nice chunk of change from this. There are even companies that will sell stuff on Ebay for you if you are too lazy to do it yourself. At the very least, donate it and get yourself a tax deduction.

Plus, the savings don’t end there. Once everything has a place you will think twice about that impulse buy. After all, where will you put it?

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"Future Millionaire" said...

Not only will you save money by being able to find what you need when you need it but also you'll save on entertainment costs, as you'll be able to have people over without embarrassment. Having grown up in a house full of clutter (I mean you couldn't even use half the rooms because of all the clutter), de-cluttering not only helps financially but it can lift a big burden off your shoulders too by being freed from your stuff.