Thursday, March 20, 2008

I lost my wallet.

Well, I lost my wallet. Oh the irony! I know I had it in the car on the way home from yesterday’s disaster because I paid for the parking. But that is the last time I can pin point having it. I checked my accounts and everything is normal so I’m going to give it through the weekend and see if it turns up. There was only seven cents in it so no worries there. It’s just a pain to have to replace everything.


Anonymous said...

Wait? You AND your friend lost them on the same day?! That is insane!! I hope it doesn't turn into a huge headache!

JB said...

I'm sorry... this is getting really funny. But... I really do hate that feeling of a lost wallet.... you feel so naked and you worry the whole time.

Penelope said...

You probably did this already, but in case you didn't, did you look way under and between the seats in your car? It's amazing how far some things can fall. My sister once lost her passport and we found it wedged under-between the front seat 3 years later (a few months after we paid for a new one. Argh!).

Good luck.