Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I saw a graphic in a magazine the other day that laid out the yearly expenses for your pet. The last time I had a pet I was kid living with my parents, so I’ve never considered what a pet costs. I thought it was interesting.

It says a large dog costs $1,515 a year, while a small dog costs $775 a year. A cat costs $685 a year and a fish, only $235. Do fish live a whole year? Mine never have.

That is quite a bit of money. I was surprised that pets are so expensive. That doesn’t take into consideration the extra living expenses you may have taken on in order to keep Fido happy. For example, did you buy a more expensive house for the larger yard so your dog can run around? Are you paying extra rent or did you have to put down a larger deposit to cover your pet? I can think of several apartment complexes around here that have rules like that.

So if you are in the market for a pet you might want to consider a smaller dog or a cat. Those savings will really add up over the life of your pet.

*Picture by Four Doxn

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