Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's Saturday again. Was that the fastest week in history? It was to me. I have to have a quick mommy brag before we begin. My son sat on the potty! Which is huge since until about two weeks ago he would get down right mad if I even brought it up. Down with diapers in 2008!

Ok, here we go...

Frugal dad discusses the difference between being cheap and being frugal.
Paid Twice also participated in the group writing project over at We're in Debt.
Pinching Copper listed ways to get ready for the recession. Something that is probably on everyone's mind.
Get Rich or Die Trying bravely posted his monthly budget. I wrote a similar post regarding my budget but if you're a daily reader you know I never posted it. I chickened out. Maybe this will give me the guts to post it.
Remodeling this Life wrote about how she hates Wal-mart. I personally find the great Wal-mart debate very interesting.

Have a great weekend!!

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Emily said...

Thanks for the link. Apparently my escapade has been quite popular reading :)