Friday, April 18, 2008

Budget Busters

Happy Saturday! I had the flu this week so I wasn't able to keep up with all my favorite blogs. I was sleeping when I should have been reading. So I don't have a round-up this week.

However, if you're looking for some great reading you can always check out the PF Bloggers.


Emily at Remodeling This Life has tagged me to complete The Budget Busters Challenge. I need to list five things that cause me to break the budget. This is actually hard cause I do pretty well sticking to a budget.

  • Eating out. This is my number one budget buster. I can’t resist eating out. It’s a combination of being irrational when I’m hungry and the thought that “hey, a person has to eat.”
  • Groceries. You may ask yourself, “How can she go over budget on both eating out and groceries?” It’s just that I try so hard to spend as little as possible on groceries and I’m just unrealistic with my goals.
  • Gas. I think this one is pretty common. With gas prices going up everyday it’s hard to stay on top of it.
  • Stuff for the kids. It’s so easy to overspend in the kids department. How do you say no to something that will make your kids (temporarily) happy?
  • Disneyland. I don’t know if I consider it a “budget buster” since we budget for it, but it’s money we don't have to spend. We try to go once a year.

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Emily said...

Thanks for playing along! I feel like I am the only person who doesn't eat out a lot. It upsets my tummy :) I stick to my starbucks addiction!

Oh yes, those darned kids that are so cute and hard to say no to too!