Thursday, April 10, 2008

A trip to the store.

My daughter is in Kindergarten. She wanted to go shopping at the student store. I knew nothing about this student store but she had $10 saved up from her allowance so I let her take it to school.

I really had no clue what she was going to come home with, but I ended up being pretty impressed. She bought three very cute pens and two erasers. She also donated $1 to the school. They are trying to get donations for a new sign out front. I was so proud!

She gave me her change, which was $7, and I asked her how much she spent at the store. She had no idea. So carefully we went over each transaction.

Me: Well, if you had $10 (holding up 10 fingers) and now you have $7 (taking away seven fingers) how much did you spend?
Her: Three!
Me: And if you gave $1 to the principal for the new sign (taking away one finger) how much did you spend at the store?
Her: Blank stare as eyes drift to the TV.

Ahh well, maybe next time.


Audra said...

I am impressed she payed attention long enough to tell you she spent 3 dollars. My daughter would stare at me and just say what till I lost my mind

Lynn said...

My girls would always spend every last penny....even if they had to give it to someone else. I never saw change.

Mom @ Wide Open Wallet said...

@ Lynn: Oh yeah, I was shocked she came home with so much money. I'm guessing it's not much of a "store".

Jonathan @ Master Your Card said...


And I'm very impressed that she donated 10% of her life savings to a charitable cause :)

JB said...

I had to LOL at "blank stare as eyes drift to the TV" ha ha! That's exactly like our daughter!

Heather Allen said...

What financial promise she shows! Keep nurturing that and her adulthood is secure.