Saturday, May 17, 2008


Another crazy week has gone by. It’s about to get even crazier as this upcoming week is the last week of school for my 6 year old. Yipes! I hope we don’t drive each other too crazy for the next 8 weeks. Anyways, on with the show…

I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance over at Money Under 30 this week. They included my post: Millionaires Drive Minivans. Go check it out if you haven’t already.

PF Bloggers:

Master Your Card presented 6 ways your kids can help out with the budget. I have spent a lot of time considering how much info to give our kids about our budget. On one hand I want them to have a clear understanding of how household finances work, but on the other hand I don’t need them telling their little friends how much our mortgage payment is.
Living Almost Large reminded us to keep contributing to our retirement accounts even though it frustrating when the market isn’t doing so great.
No Debt Plan disagrees with an article that says you need 7 investments.

From my reader:

Tight Fisted Miser admits to 5 crazy things he has done to save money.
Being Frugal says to make reducing your debt a priority even when you don’t have an emergency fund. I agree.
Sense to Save has a guest post about what to ask your insurance company before you have a baby. I wish I had read this article before I got pregnant with my son. I got a lot of unexpected bills during my pregnancy, some could have been avoided if I had only known.

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