Friday, April 25, 2008

I deserve it.

"I deserve it."

This is a phrase I’ve been really paying attention to lately. It started while I was watching Deal or No Deal. What is it about that show? I can’t look away if it’s on. My favorite part is the supporters. I am always just amazed at their logic when it comes to giving advice to the contestant. Someone always gives a speech about how wonderful the contestant is and how they deserve to win the million. As if a game of luck has anything to do with what they deserve. And then they actually convince the contestant not to take a life-changing amount of money because they deserve more. The last show I was watching the guy had an offer of $144,000. His brother told him not to take it because he deserves more. He turned it down, opened his only big case, and his next offer was $26,000. Which then his brother told him to take that because he deserved it. Huh? That makes no sense! This is where I start yelling at the TV.

So now anytime I hear the term “I deserve it.” or “You deserve it.” it really catches my attention. My best friend recently sent me an email saying that she was thinking about getting a second job because bills are tight. Ok, I’m a total supporter of that if it’s necessary. I’m glad she is seeing a problem and is willing to work hard to fix it. My response to her was to ask if there is any spending she could cut. I explained that less money going out is the same as more money coming in. She wrote back and said the only thing she spends money on that she doesn’t have to is iced coffee, but that she doesn’t want to cut it out of her life because… “I work hard and I deserve it.” And there it is. She deserves it. I replied with the thought that maybe what she deserves more than iced coffee is the luxury of not having to get a second job. She had mentioned that she only gets it on work days and that it only costs $2.38. The more questions I asked the more info started coming out. She actually gets two a day, and if she is honest she doesn’t only get them on work days, she gets them everyday. I know from hanging out with her that she always leaves a tip. So $2.38 is really $3.00. Working out the math for her I figured she is spending almost $200 a month on iced coffee. She was shocked! She had never questioned how much money she was spending because she had rationalized that she deserved it. So she has decided to give up her beloved iced coffee so she can have what she really deserves… time with her family.

So what do you deserve? Are you giving up things that you genuinely deserve, such as time with loved ones, because you have things you have convinced yourself you deserve, such as a fancy car?


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

great post. I wish hubby would quit buying the cases of beer he "deserves". I suppose I could give up my diet dr. pepper, but I only buy it on sale and it only costs about $12/month.

Anonymous said...

Great post! It talks about the sense of entitlement that so many people have - and that's me included! set me a place at the brunch table, please! My "I deserve it" always comes in the form of the printed word - magazines, books, etc.

Jeannee in Jersey

"Future Millionaire" said...

I'm a deal or no deal fan, but I too can't help but yell at the TV.

I'm glad you were able to convince your friend to cut out the iced coffee in lieu of a second job.

Anonymous said...

This has been a problem in my marrige for years and is a common argument brough up by my spouse. I implies that arguing for fiscal responsibility means you DON'T deserve it, which is silly. It's a difficult argument to refute. Right now I'm working on a plan to eliminate our CC debt, but yesterday my wife mentioned a vacation we're going on this year, and I said no we're not as we don't have the money. Her response? I deserve it.

Winny said...

haha, I like your argument on the iced coffee!