Saturday, April 5, 2008


This week's roundup features only members of the PF bloggers network. I hope you enjoy it!

For some reason the PF bloggers had cars on their mind this week.
Get Rich or Die Trying got saved from getting in over his head by a car repair.
Living Almost Large contemplates how much money she is willing to spend to fix her car.
Saving Savy wrote about her thoughts on the proper timing of buying a new car.
If you are already car shopping then you need to read Pinching Copper's article about the dangers of blindly trusting Carfax.

Not interested in reading about cars? That's ok... maybe frugal living is more your thing.
Master Your Card gave us some frugal living tips for the recession.
Our Fourpence Worth has a fast and frugal homemade pizza you can try. Mmmmm.

See you on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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Penelope @ Our Fourpence Worth said...

Hey Ashley, thanks very much for the mention!