Saturday, May 31, 2008


Happy Saturday! Not to much to report this week. So we'll just get straight to business...

From the PF Bloggers:
Get Rich or Die Trying wrote about how to spot an addiction to plastic. Funny cause I was just researching this same topic. Oh well....
Master Your Card discussed what to do when the collectors come calling. I know it's stressful but it's better to face your debts head on. You can't run from it.
No Debt Plan is offering financial planning help to a few readers. If that sounds like something you would be interested in head on over there.

From around the blogsphere:
Not the Jet Set taught us how to make a rain water collection bin. Unfortunately it doesn't rain in the desert enough to be able to collect very much water. But I still think it's a great idea for other places.
Rocket Finance has an interesting post about national oil. Head over and leave a comment with your feelings on the topic.
Frugal Dad talks about the most expensive $2 he ever saved. The psychology of saving money is pretty interesting.
Mrs. Micah discusses why it was better for her not to have to work during college. I've always been a believer of working during college, but she gives an interesting view point.
Paid Twice gives us 10 ways to stay in debt. If you're doing any of these things, stop right now!

Well that's it. I hope you have a great weekend. See you on Monday!


Mrs. Micah said...

I think everyone should have at least a small part-time job during college (unless they're pulling a double major or studying something intense like engineering or nursing--which often require internships anyway). I had 2. But what I liked was knowing that I didn't need the money to support myself. So when I got mono, for instance, I was able to take off all the time I needed to recover.

JB said...

Thanks for the mention - however, that was a guest post from Jonathan at MasterYourCard on my blog... just thought I'd give him credit!

Mom @ Wide Open Wallet said...

JB: Ooops I didn't even notice that. Sorry Jonathan!