Friday, May 30, 2008

Our new fridge

We have a new fridge! It should be here in a few hours. We decided on this one. It's basically like the one we already have but quite a bit bigger, and it has the door compartments that are big enough to put a gallon of milk in the door. Which is awesome. We have outgrown the fridge we have now. Trying to put the groceries away is like putting together a puzzle. And the filters for the ice machine/ water dispenser are easy to change and only $30. So we might actually change them. We would have to buy less bottled water that way.

One good thing about this whole situation is that it happened over Memorial day weekend. Sears was having a nice little sale. It ended up costing us $920 including tax, delivery, set up, and haul away of our old fridge. Remember how I was going to ask if they would deliver it for free? Well, turns out they have a mail in rebate for delivery charges, so I'm getting $75 back from that in 8 weeks. And I put it on my rewards card, so that is another 1% off. Hey, it's something! So all in all we spent $836. Not too terrible. We will be taking the money out of our emergency fund. I'm going to try to pay it back though. I hate taking money out of there.

While I wait for delivery I've set up the cooler to keep the things I was able to salvage from the fridge. Luckily the freezer is still working fine so nothing melted, which would have been bad. We have a deep freeze so I'm going to move the freezer stuff into there. I'm really only losing about $20 worth of food. The big bummer is that I have left over Baked Rig in there, which I was going to eat for dinner tonight.

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"Future Millionaire" said...

Yay!!! I'm happy your fridge issue worked out for you. The new fridge looks very nice.