Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wii Love

Frugal Dad recently wrote about how he snowflaked for a Wii. Well, I’ve been doing the same thing. We’ve been snowflaking for it for a looooong time. In fact, I’ve snowflaked enough for it twice now. But the first time I had to spend the money on bills. (Boo!).

Part of my snowflakes consisted of $160 in Ebay money. I sell stuff from around the house when I get it but mostly that money came from selling coupons. I get on every mailing list and then when the coupons come I sell them on Ebay. The best ones are formula coupons. I always make a profit on them, they’re free to get, and cheap to ship. You can’t get rich doing it but it’s a nice little snowflake. I had saved up $350 in December but I had to use $300 of that towards bills, so that means I’ve made $110 since December.

Another snowflake was the Revolutionary Money Exchange. I made $110 from participating in that program. There’s still time so if you haven’t signed up click the green button over there on the right and get your $25!

So my snowflakes brought me up to $270. Technically enough to buy a Wii, but not enough to buy all the stuff you need to actually play it. Stuff like games and extra controllers. So my birthday present this year was an extra $100 towards it. Yay! We ordered it yesterday and it should be here next week. I can’t wait!

pic by Fanboy30


JB said...

Cool! You'll have to let me know if it's worth the price. I've thought about getting one but I wasn't too sure on the quality of games. I love Nintendos though! Great choice!

Mom @ Wide Open Wallet said...

Oh I already know it's worth the money. I was able to borrow one for about six months and I've played it bunches of times at other people's houses. The games are tons of fun.