Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why we upgraded our Costco membership

We had to renew our Costco membership this weekend. They sold us on upgrading to the executive membership. See my fancy new black card! It costs an extra $50 but you get 2% cash back on everything you buy at Costco. Which is pretty cool. Plus I get to go at 10:00 in the morning rather than having to wait til 11:00 when it opens for all the “normal” people. Which is way easier for me.

We normally spend about $100 a month just on groceries, so if we buy any big stuff, like stuff for my brand new Wii, it could put us over the $2,500 we need to make $50. We also buy tires and Christmas presents for the kids there. I bet over the year we could come pretty close to spending another $1,300. Especially if my husband gets his wish and we buy a new plasma TV for the living room.

But the cool part is that the program is risk free. If you don’t get at least $50 back they refund you the difference. So if our check is only $40 then they give us $10 back from our membership. So really, might as well do it, because the worst you can do is break even.

I can’t help but think, why do they offer a risk free cash back program. Where is the benefit for them? It didn’t take long for me to figure it out. I’ve been an executive member for about 5 days now and I’ve thought of several things I should start buying at Costco. Plus I automatically take 2% off the price of everything there. I need to stop doing that. The first $2,500 I spend there isn’t extra money anyways, so I shouldn’t be shopping with that in mind.

What we really hope to do is earn $100 a year, that way we can get our entire Costco membership for free. That would be awesome!

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